Sarah Sze


This artist works in a big scale format, as her artworks are installations, which are filling the whole room and it seems to be a good way of presenting it. She works with light, air, colour, texture and movement. To make these artworks she utilizes everyday objects.

Her well-known artwork is now situated in London's Victoria Miro gallery. It is made out of household items and captures the viewer's eyes, every time he goes past. She used to think, that a circle shape is just too formal, but later on she realized, that it gives some sense of going behind the stage and that's why she decided to make this artwork circle-like. It gives the feeling of being in a student environment, as it is made out of chairs, books, sleeping bag, paperclips, light bulbs and other materials you can find in student's storage.

Her installations impress the viewers, because it shows how the actual item can give you a feeling of a different routine and place. This is her main aim, to investigate what impact does her artworks make.

Gabriel Orozko


Gabriel Orozco is a famous Mexican contemporary artist. He works with photography, fine art, sculpture and makes different installations. His characteristic feature is using ordinary objects to make an extraordinary one out of them. For example, one of his sculptures looks like a compressed Citroen, which was divided by three parts and the middle part was taken away.

One of his most famous installations is "Sandstars", which is situated in Guggenhaim museum. This artwork consists of hundreds of different natural and man-made objects found on the cost of a pacific ocean. There was one more installation in the same museum, called "Astroturf", which was much smaller, but also consisted of the huge amount of different items, which he has collected on the sport arena in New York, according to him, he liked to play football there. Among those objects there are pieces of broken balls, chewing gums, candy wraps, threads, coins, pins and small items. He took photos of all of those objects and made a collage, which was also situated in this museum.

He gathered the groups of objects, by their size, colour and shapes. 

Fiona Banner


Fiona Banner is a sculptor and conceptual artist from England. She is making her artworks by, actually, describing them. She uses words to make a "words cape", which describes her lifestyle, different events and people, atmosphere and even films she likes. All of her "words capes" are made out of the continuous text, describing different things. She is using a variety of fonts and making it different sizes, to show her feelings and to represent her thought about life and the world in whole.

She is usually using black and white paint, but some of her artworks are also colourful. Some of her works are quite small, but some can be the size of the room, as all the walls are covered in letters and when entering this room, it is empty and the only things you can see are the letters, some are on the walls, some are hanging from the ceiling, some are situated on a small canvases, but the actual idea is, that you can see letters everywhere!

This is what has inspired me to work with letters, to make them 3D and draw them, and I actually made a 24 hours research on them, because all we see in everyday life is letters, numbers and other symbols and this, actually, plays a very important role in our lifestyle and in our understanding of life.

Gerald Davis


Gerald Davis used a really interesting method to represent his feeling and emotions. He showed his life journey through the series of drawings.

Gerald Davis had an older brother, who was bullying him for his love to art.

Later, Davis has made a series of drawings, called "Fagboy", this was to show his brother who he has become.

This series is showing his childhood memories, personality, thoughts and past.

His drawings are drawn in a very uncommon method, as he is mainly using the same colour for each drawing and objects and people on them look deformed and even dreamlike.

Francesca Woodman


Francesca Woodman is a photographer well known for the black and white photographs featuring her. I think Francesca's works are very special, as she seemed to be trying to hide herself, but also show herself very directly at the same time. The photos are mainly taken in a hollow and empty room, and her body and shapes are presented clearly whereas her face is obscured. And meaning in the surroundings, mainly the wall, the lines and scratches are featured through the black and white tone, and the emotion of being lost and desperate has been expressed and emphasized. The shading on her body also has a big impact on the expression of the emotion. The composition of the photos is also very interesting. Woodman never seems to put herself in the middle of the picture, but mostly in the corners, so this arrangement of composition conveyed a sense of space and emptiness.

Susan Dreges


Susan Derges was a painter before, than she has turned to photography. She is now a well-known contemporary artist, she works along with Adam Fuss and Garry Fabian Miller. Susan is working with camera less photography, in particular. This process seems quite elegant and simple, but it allows fixing different shadows onto light sensitive paper. It gives a really unusual and powerful effect.

Susan Derges has invented a new way of making photographs, she is often not doing it in a dark room, but outside, in the open air, at night. In some of her photographs, Derges is combining camera less and camera based techniques, this helped her become quite recognizable. 

Linder Sterling


Linder Sterling is the artist working with fine art and collages. She was born in Manchester and she was 16 when she has entered the world of fashion and art. Once, when she was against chauvinism, she made a dress out of meat. Later on, she has made her first famous artwork the cover of pank group Buzzcock, which was named Orgasm addict. She had her first exhibition in Paris, where she had all of her work, which is still popular nowadays. Her collages shocked the public in 80's, but now it's not counted as shocking as at that time.

She has collected photos of Dior jewelry and sketches of Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane and made different compositions out of them. She has used black and white old photographs and attached the Dior jewelry pictures. Her aim was to connect the history with the life nowadays. Looking at her artworks nobody can be indifferent. And you can hardly understand what could make her work all along her life with an idea of making "woman as an object". 

Gary Hume


Gary Hume is an English draughtsman, printmaker and painter. His early success was achieved by paintings based on hospital doors. He has made a series of artworks, using doors as an inspiration and his main theme. When drawing he was simplifying shapes and outlining objects. Later, he was focused on portraiture and nature.

For his artworks he was usually using bright and simple colours, to make them look simple, but extraordinary at the same time.

Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka


It is very fascinating how the photographer made the flat and ordinary photos 3D through making sections of photo into regular geometrical shapes and boxes, and joining them all together again. Through doing this viewers are seem to be forced to put their eye-sights onto some specific sections right away depending on the photographers arrangements (e.g. the orange house and girl).

Also it is very interesting to see how the photo itself has become 3D because of the shades created on these obtruded shapes and boxes. The difference in the colour depth, as well as the roundness created have added a sense of complexity to the simple and calm images and bring the viewer into the true imagery inside the photo. 

Valery Koshlyakov


Valery Koshlyakov is a Russian artist, I was really inspired by the way he uses cardboard to create texture.

I really like how, Valery Koshlyakov separates the buildings by painting them in different sections, but when combined together, it all becomes one solid piece. I think it is very interesting to use the material like cardboard, because you can create textures in different ways, by scratching the surface, ripping, rip it on, cut it, then stick them together creating the layers.

Elle Harrison


Elle Harrison is a British artist who made a project called "Eat 22".

Starting from 11 March 2002 until 11 March 2002, Elle Harrison was recording and photographing everything she was eating.

This took her a year and one day. She has made 1640 images and a film.

She was usually taking all these photographs herself, and she was never worried of what people would think about her, when looking at these series of photographs.

The only thing that stopped her from eating too much was, as she said, "Everything I ate was more work"!

Christopher Thurlow


Christopher Thurlow is a surrealist artist. He used Triptography method to make his artworks, so he actually used a roll of film three times to make this kind of collage method.

So the outcome can not be clear because we can not expect how it will look like in triple exposure.

Christopher Thurlow was actually the one who has discovered this technique. He ran out of un-exposed film, so he layered some photographs on top of others and this is what happened.

I, personally, like this technique, as it makes an artwork look very nice and unusual, it makes it even more colourful and adds sharp lines and curls into the simple photograph.

Rene Magritte


Rene Magritte is an artist whose works are really inspiring and differ from other artists. My favorite of his works is the artwork called "The Lovers". It is an oil painting, which shows two people kissing, and their heads are covered with veils. The room in the background seems quite dark, so it doesn't really capture the sight.

This painting shows the idea of love and domination. When looking at it, it gives a feeling of an intrigue.

It is really interesting how the simple painting can have that many meanings and represent different emotions, at the same time as basically telling the story of love. It is so unusual how Magritte represented intimacy and closeness between two people, but at the same time showed that they are actually unable to physically kiss, because they have veil in between.

Lauren Philippon


Laurent Philippon is a legend of the hairdressing world, working for fashion shows, consulting hairstyling brands and creating new approaches for an appreciation of hair imagery. From an early age, he has sought hairdressing legends, in order to learn their craft, thus gaining recognition by the age of eighteen.

Philippon's success is due to his ability to experiment, and to seek a constant improvement of his work. His art was influenced by traditional techniques, as well as by modern culture. He recognises the impact of cinema, celebrities or even architecture on his imagination.

At the same time, he uses his intuition to bring together various images, recognising that hair is a part of any culture, creating a personal belonging. He sets new trends and defines how a culture will look in a following year or years. Thus, Philippon's goal is to create something elegant and self-defining. He is at the very front of a hairstyle history making. 

Tino Sehgal


Tino Sehgal is a famous British - German artist. His works, known as "constructed situations", usually involve one or more people.

Seghal is also the youngest artist to represent Germany at the Venice Biennale. He also had a lot of solo exhibitions at different important venues, such as: Museum fur Moderne Kunst , Institute of Contemporary Arts, Serralves Foundation.. etc.

Tino Sengal doesn't produce objects, his artworks are all in live, which involves visitors through conversation, dance, sound and movement. Another thing that makes his works unique, is that your experience may vary each time you visit it, what you see might not be the same as others.

I think Tino Sehgal wants to describe how the life is like in the society from this piece of art.

Jullia de Ville


Julia de Ville is an artist, who is expressing death in her artworks. She is making artworks out of dead animals, showing her protest, she is adding precious jewels and metals into these. She is an animal lover and that's how she is showing her respect to dead animals, she has never killed any of them, they've died their natural death and only than she has used their bodies to make an art pieces. On one hand I think this looks quite beautiful and can look good as a house decoration. It is also good because she is trying to show her protest against people who are killing animals, but on the other hand, I don't think this is the right way to show your protest, as it is not very good to flout on their dead bodies like this. Anyway, as an artwork it looks very unusual and unique.

Ellen Gallagher


Ellen Gallagher is a contemporary artist, from North America, started at the mid -1990s.

She has lots of detailed artworks. The theme she is using in her works is nature, history, myth and art history. She is using many different media to create all of her works. For example: painting and drawing, printing, relief and collage, sculpture and even film and animation.

She is also working with watercolours, as J. M. W. Turner, who I have researched before.

In "The Times" magazine, Rachel Campbell-Johnson, wrote about Ellen Gallagher: "" what will hold the visitor is the sheer fascination of the works" They are possessed of an intriguing force. You certainly won't have seen an artist who sees the world in this way before!"

Cornelia Parker


I have looked at this artist because she shows similarity and repetition in her works. I think Cornelia Parker's works are very special and they show the way she sees everything differently. Things are break into pieces and are hung in a shape of a cube, which makes everything look unique and regular though they are broken apart. They give viewers an exploded view of matter through this form of presentation. Things in each piece also seem to be frozen and stopped at the moment of explosion and give people a great amazement not only because of the scale of each work but also how the details of each piece give people a true and deep feeling and experience of the strong power of explosion as well as time being frozen. It is also very interesting how she chooses to use different materials, but still makes black and white as the major colour used. 

J. M. W. Turner


Joseph Mallord William Turner was a great artist, who was painting landscapes, using watercolours and, who was also a printmaker.

He was painting landscapes as if he was doing a history painting.

He is well known for both - painting using oil and watercolour paints.

His work is regarded as a Romantic preface to Impressionism and he is also called "the painter of light".

Some of his artworks are also regarded as an Abstract Art, because some look a bit deformed and not showing the exact meaning and sense of the actual artworks.

Jasper Johns


Jasper Johns is using numbers in his paintings, he paints numbers on top of each other, like, for example, in one of his famous artworks, called "O through A". he is making the structure of the paintings by writing numbers on different layers and using mostly primary colours, like blue, red and yellow. When painting, he explores thickness and colour and colour of the paint he works with. He uses many different techniques, when creating these. For some of his paintings he was using black inks, outlining the edges of numbers in darker tones than the numbers inside, so it makes an unusual pattern. I, personally, think, that his artworks look like an abstract structures and this is what, actually, interests me. 

Mel Brimfield


Mel Brimfield is an artist, who is working with performance and film. Her works inspire and help people see themselves from the different view. When watching those, people feel as if all these funny and weird situations happening to actors in her films are happening to them personally. Humor is playing a huge role in her films and performances, as those seem very funny for me. In her works she shows all the feelings through the simple scenarios, although it is the mix of many different genres.

Mel inspires me a lot with her idea of letting people think about how do they really look in everyday life. Personally, I like how she is trying to show the emotions by using make up as it helps to show the feelings on the scene, it seems simple, but at the same time quite unusual and ironic. 

Leila Menchari


Leila Menchari is currently working for a Hermes company. She is decorating their main boutique in Paris. The shop windows she is making have the most unusual decorations I've ever seen, and are considered ones of the best shop windows in the world.

Her decorations are the real miracles. To make them she is using a wide range of materials like leather, silk, gold and many others.

She is a great example of how the fashion merchandiser should work like and how to meet the goals. Leila Menchari is an inspiration for me, as my aim is to work in the same area as she does - fashion merchandising.

David Lynch


David Lynch is a film director, who was asked to design shop windows installations in one of the biggest boutiques in Paris - Gallery Lafayette. His main topic was "Cars, Abstraction and Women", which was presented as if it was an exhibition.

These window displays are full of magic and different illusions. His ideas and concept are really strong and interesting. This film director, who is also an artist and a fashion merchandiser, helped me to understand, how you can connect all your knowledge together to make something as impressive, as he did.

Arturo Elena


Arturo Elena considered himself being a very lucky person, as he has gained all his skills without the help of other people. He has developed his style and technique through working with different design teams in Barcelona. All he could count on was his own knowledge and experience. He has developed his drawing skills through practice and relying on his desire and passion to become the part of fashion industry. He has first worked as a fashion designer, designing collections for both men and women. He has first started his illustration career after moving to Seville and working for Victorio and Lucchino, after that he began to receive offers for work from various magazines. This helped him to understand that his main purpose and passion was to become a fashion illustrator. His illustrations are stunning and very impressionable, the figures of people are a bit deformed and not proportional, but that's what makes them very unique and interesting. I like the use of colour in his works and the style they are drawn in.

Georgia O'Keeffe


Georgia O'Keeffe is an American painter, famous for painting flowers. The interesting fact is, that she, actually, hates flowers, but she paints them because they are still and don't move, comparing to the real models.

She started painting because she understood, that it is the only way for her, to tell about many different things, when showing them through the form, texture and colour.

Personally, I really get these feelings, when looking at her artworks. It gives a feeling of something unusual, powerful and this is what makes her works very impressionable and gives them a special identity.

Francesco Salom


Francesco Salom is an Italian artist, who is currently living and working in London. The main subjects for his project are marks and rubbish, created by accident. As he said, it represents "involuntary blindness of our society". He is the artist, who expresses himself within the environment. He realized, that the most interesting artwork will be the one, created by accident.

His projects are focused on the meaning of art in society and in environment. He likes to experiment, that is why he always plays around with shape, size and dimension, making a 2D piece - 3D. Experimenting with dimensions inspires him to create something new and even more unique. He likes, when the work is double functional. For example, Francesco likes the idea, of person sitting on his artwork and thinking about it or about other artworks surrounding him.

I think this is a good example of the artist who has an unusual concept. I like the idea of making everyday object unique and extraordinary. And I also find the idea of overlapping very inspirational, as it makes the artwork even more impressive.

Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away by Yayoi Kusama


The whole room is made out of mirrors and millions of LED lights hanging from the ceiling, at the different heights. The room is a form of a cube and this makes it even more unusual, as the light goes from everywhere, so you can only see the light and mirrors. It gives an idea of infinity and space.  The artist believed that this is how the cosmos looks like, for her, this represents an endless cycle of death and life.

When creating this artwork Yayoi Kusama was playing with forms, shapes and scale. The concept was that, when entering the room, everyone should forget about time, generation, culture and region and just think about the mysteries of cosmos and life. I not only like the concept and idea of the artwork, but I also like the installation itself, as it gives an idea of something magical and unexplainable.

The Duke's Umbrella


Let It Snow, Let It Snow


Nikolai Gogol “Portrait”


"Portrait" is a book by a Russian writer, which I found really inspiring. It tells about the different art techniques and how an artwork can change someone's life. It is about the person, who bought the portrait and has wasted all his money on it. This portrait had a bad influence on other people, because after they bought it - they lost themselves and even some of them have died. The thing was, that when he has just started his artist career, he didn't have much money and was drawing just for himself, because he liked to do that, but when people started paying him for his artworks, it wasn't a pleasure for him anymore, the only thing that interested him was his money. The main concept of this book is to show that you don't need to loose yourself because of other people or factors like money. This book inspired me, as it not only tells an interesting story of a man's life, but also tells about art history and different techniques.

Riedel Glass Company


Riedel is one of the few companies nowadays, which is still using an ancient mouth-blowing technique and this is what has made it popular all over the world. To blow the glass into different shapes they use a special blowpipe, which was first created in Rome 2000 years ago. It is very important to create a high quality glass, as it plays a huge role in the feelings of the customers, when drinking the wine from a particular glass.

The most exciting and interesting fact about these glasses is that depending on the shape and form of glass the wine has a different taste.

Based on the knowledge from the first person who has designed wine-friendly steam wear - Claus J. Riedel, the company still exists nowadays and has introduced the concept of grape-specific glassware.

I think the philosophy of the designer was to produce something unique and unusual compared to the other companies. Not being afraid to experiment: developing new techniques, but still sticking to the ancient method of mouth-blowing technique, which seems quite useful and not only makes the glasses look nice, but also makes the wine taste good.

Lurex Diamond Net


Fabrics: Architecture




Acrylic can be both non-transparant and transparent. Glass is often replaced with acrylic nowadays because it is more strong and way cheaper. It is not hard to glue , cut or polish it with organic solvents. It is often used for casting. I think it a great material to make an installation with because it gives a chance to experiment and make a lot of different things using it. 



This can sound unusual and weird, but I think it is a very interesting material to make installations. For example, James May was making people out of these lego bricks and even a life-size house.

The Devil Wears Prada


To be honest, this is one of my favorite films, because every time I watch it, it inspires me to do my work, to create something new and to have something to think about. I don't want to talk about actors or the scenario overall, what interests me the most is the way the film is presented, it reminds me of a Cinderella Story, as it also shows how the ordinary woman was working really hard to become more fashionable, to gain more knowledge in the fashion industry and meet all her targets. This film taught me to meet my targets and become more hardworking.

I like the clothes and all the styles in this film, how the main actress has changed, from an ordinary girl to a really beautiful and fashionable woman. I was also very interested to see the World of Fashion from the inside, see how the fashion magazine works and how people look like.

I find this film really inspirational, as it shows that if you try hard, all your dreams will come true!

Breakfast at Tiffany's


"Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a great film, which shows a lot of fashionable and stylish outfits on the main character - Audrey Hepburn, who looks elegant and stylish wearing classy clothes together with fashion accessorizes. This is a source of inspiration for me. This film shows that you can change a person just by changing his outfit and style, she looks very ambitious and glamorous. Givenchy was Audrey's favorite fashion designer, so he has made dresses for this film. She didn't change a lot of dresses, but because she was changing the accessorize it always looked differently, as if it was a completely different outfit. I love her style and the way designers combine clothes in this film.



"Gia"  is an impressive film about one of the most famous models Gia Marie Carangi. It is really sad, but worth watching. It tells a story about a girl, who was from the poor family and couldn't even imagine she would have a career like this, after she became famous she became drug-addict, this is quite a strong issue, but the way she dressed up and looked was just amazing. Not only because she is very beautiful herself, but also because she had a really unusual style for that time and it suited her a lot. I found this film very inspirational and it gave me an idea of what I should do for my next project and so far I'm quite excited about this idea.

London Graphic Centre


London Graphic Centre is a huge shop where you can find all the right materials, it has a lot of usefull things to make instlations and shows a lot of techniques to experiment with. I really like this shop because it has a wide range of drawings materials in every colour and it's not hard to find what you need, because everything is in a right order.

Jackson's Art Supplies


Jackson's Art Supplies shop is not very big, but always has right materials, which are also quite cheap. They provide a high costumer serves, which is also very important, what is useful is that they also have an e-shop, so it makes it even more comfortable. 

L. Cornelissen and Son


L. Cornelissen and Son shop doesn't have a very wide range of supplies, although it has really unusual and rare materials. So if you are looking for a specific and unusual materials, that the right place for you.




"AnOther" magazine is interesting for both men and women, it has a lot of information about what is going on and interview with different celebrities and even politics. What is quite unusual about this magazine is that it comes out only once in 6 month, which is quite rarely. It has a lot of creative ideas and inspiration and even the covers always look different and unique.



"Vision" is a great magazine to take inspiration from. What is the most interesting is that there making great photo-shoots and stories together, every page tells something new and very unusual and uncommon. It reminds me of a book, but with the great photographs from the magazine, which is relevant to what is written there, like an illustration for these stories.

Katie Holland Lewis


Katie Holland Lewis is mapping the body, using pins, pencil and threads, which works quite well. She lives and works in San Francisco. She first collects all the data from the daily life and documentation processes and then tries to show it through the material form. She aims to make it look abstract even though it is meant to show the body. She makes it based on showing the similarity between different things like order and chaos, loss and control. When making her artworks she strictly follows the system and documentations collected.

Her works are organized into the diagrams, spotted with pins and connected with threads to show all the information on the artwork as if it is a graph.

Viewers find her artworks quite impressional, as it gives a lot of information and seems simple, but at the same time very unusual. 

Steve McPherson


Steve McPherson is a great artist and collector. He is always working in different formats and scale and making collages, installations, paintings and sculptures. He makes his artworks out of unaltered marine plastic objects, which were found on the UK coast. He was collecting them for 18 years.

The idea is to show that all these items have their own journey and could have travelled through different cities. Steve McPherson took an inspiration from a book, by Jules Vernes "Around the World in Eighty days".

To make these he created many different graphics, which showed an average temperature of each city, where he found a particular item. So he made each item in the colour it is shown on the actual graphic. I found his artworks very inspiring, as it is an interesting way to represent plaices and temperature in a way he did it.

Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till


Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till are architects, who drew the series of drawings called "Increasing Disorder In A Dining table". In these series they were trying to show the progression of the meal. On one picture the table is perfectly clean and served for the dinner meal. On the other picture, it is in a progression of a dinner party, when everything is moving and more plates are added. And the last picture shows how the table looks like after the dinner party, where there are lots of dirty dishes.

I think, this is a really interesting way of recording information through a certain period of time and this links to my 24 hours research topic.

Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo loved her husband very much, but he was a womanizer and she drew his face on her forehead, as shown on one of her drawings "Diego in my thoughts".

As well as Gerald Davis, she was inspired by somebody, who was close to her, but made her feel sad.

Without feeling this pain, for these people, Frida Kahlo, as well as, Gerald Davis, would not draw these artworks. Both of their drawings mostly relate to their identity, thoughts and memories.

I think that Frida Kahlo is a strong woman who has chosen an unusual way to cope with her feelings - to draw everything she was thinking about. This gave her strength and helped her get through her problems, this is one of the examples of how art can change people's mood and help to deal with many problems.

John Stezaker


John was born in London and he makes collages using old photographs, cards and magazines. One of his most exciting works is a series called "Marriage". In this series he connects the men and women portraits. Cutting them out from the original context and endowing them with his own esprit. As a result we see the new outcome, the parts of which, by themselves, looks quite familiar and ordinary, but together they look quite strange an wrong, but still attracting visitors by their unusual harmony. He has also made a series of surrealistic photographs, "Masks", where he connects the pictures of people and places together, he didn't use scissors as he was working only with glue. His artworks have made a huge impact on the new generation of image-makers, according to Brett Charles Rogers, who is the owner of The Photographers' Gallery.

The main idea of his artworks is not to add something, but even to get rid of some unnecessary parts and he replaces the accents from something important to the things, which are less important.

Alexander Rodchenko

download.php?file=1317640&embedded=1&textbox=1301404Alexander Rodchenko is a Russian artist and photographer. His works are very interesting, as they are taken from some odd angles. For example, in one of his works it is taken down to top, but from this angle we can hardly see the man's face clearly, but it somehow gives us the sense that where the man was, was quite high up and that he was feeling a bit struggled. From this angle, the ladder in the image shows a sense of extensity, and the mature arrangements of the composition makes the ladder look longer than it really is, as it occupies a bigger proportion in the image, than the wall does and shows a very good use of space and depth. The colour and tone has also made a very big impact on the expression of the mood of the image. The contrast is rather mild, where the lines on the ladder are still stood out in the plain white background, but the mood has seemed to be calm and still.

Abigail Reynolds


Abigail Reynolds is an artist, who was born in Cornwall, who is a homonym of Joshua Reynolds, this is probably what has made an impact on her becoming an artist. So she decided to make artworks, which shows the old images of the streets, nature and interiors of the buildings, which you can still see nowadays and this is basically the main concept of her artworks. Abigail is using a really interesting technique to implement her concept. She folds the corners one of two photographs stacked together, which makes her collages look 3D. To make these, she spends most of her time in archives. She has also collected her own collection of the tourist guides and tries to find the pictures of the same places but published in different years. In the process of making these, she never cuts anything out, but folds the corners, this is why it looks 3D and she leaves an opportunity to unfold them and you can get to whole pictures as they have looked before. You can see her artworks in "Seventeen  Gallery" in London.

Catherine Yass


Catherine Yass is a British artist. Catherine is famous for her films and colourful photographs. Her images are usually a combination of negative and positive. A big amount of her artworks are made on light boxes. She has a huge variety of subjects and ideas for her works. When starting her career she was first depicting institutions and people, who were supporting her. Later, her main topic was an interior. She was also concentrating on nature and elements. Yass was working with a moving camera, as well; she took many series of still photographs.

Her artworks are quite popular and are exhibited in many famous galleries and museums.

Francois Delfosse


Francois Delfosse is a Belgian artist. Francois says that his images, which are representing air, where taken in a "glacier cave just North of the South Pole", then he added that they were "viewed from the inside of a plastic bag".

I really like his images and the actual idea, that he didn't just take a photograph of a glacier cave, but made this through a plastic bag.

I think that the concept of these series of his artworks is quite interesting and unusual - "Antarctica in a Bag".

Francois Delfosse also works as an architector, and these artworks are also very beautiful.

He is well known nowadays and many of his artworks are presented in famous museums and art and photography galleries.

Patrick Caulfield


Patrick Caulfield is a British printmaker and painter. When starting his career Caulfield was painting flat images and items, using geometric forms and mainly primary colours. Later, he was simplifying his artworks, by using just one colour and making black outlines. He wanted to show some ordinary items, as something more unusual and mysterious. He used many different themes for making his artworks, as, for example, views of romantic and exotic plaices, or, even, some historical ones.

He was making his artworks in a Photorealistic style and paid attention at different architectural elements. He is making his artworks look quite abstract, but still showing the actual place and his main theme. I also really like the context of his works, as it is fascinating.

Schinichi Maruyama


Schinichi Maruyama has started his career, as an artist, in 1993, in Tokyo. Later, he was working in a New York City and later in Europe.

He became a famous photographer working with energetic movements and splashing.

I really like his artworks because they are reflecting feelings and showing emotions through the splashes of water or paint. Some of his photographs were later used in advertising as well. For example, for shampoo or perfume advertisement, because the water shows freshness and his photographs look very strong and really gives this feeling of something clean, beautiful and gives an idea of perfection, when looking at it. I think this is a good example of how an advertisement should look like. 

Michael Wolf


I really like Michael Wolf's series of photographs, called "Tokyo compression". It records travellers on the underground in Tokyo, tells us how some Japanese salary men and women travel everyday between home and work place, and emphasizes the density and business of the big city.

Michael Wolf's photographs are very expressive, as we can see how uncomfortable people, behind the glass are feeling. The composition of these images is a very essential key, which Wolf has arranged to photograph sections of the glass frames with people?s face next to them, that emphasizes how narrow the spaces are inside the train, and how people are some sort of restricted in these cabins. The fog and moisture on the glass is another key that raises attention, which emphasizes the uncomfortableness of the environment as well as existence of the piece of the glass between the photographer and the photographed. Most importantly the expression of the faces and more of the gestures has expressed directly and sharply how people are compressed in the train and how they want to get out.

Rui Palha


It is amazing how the senses of movement are still popping out of the flat image although all the actions are frozen at the moments. The compositions are also perfectly handled where the depth of the photographs are enhanced through the arrangement of the key focal point - the water streams, and the lone figures that appear in the side of each photo.

I think the colour theme of black and white is also a very essential key to producing such wonderful outcomes. It, firstly, applies a very still and silent atmosphere to the picture right away, making people focus on the things going on in the photos. Every details shapes and movements of the water are clearly presented in contrast to the dark background, and produce magnificent visual effects. The shadows on the ground are also very influential, where it adds the element of patterns and textures to the picture and enrich the contents.

Bart Hess


In Bart Hess's work, the camera seems to focus more on the overall shape of the figure and the ratio of movements. There are not many details recorded on the body form in the video, but the shapes created by the movements of the person with the change of lightings and colours. The smooth and slightly transparent layer allow viewers to see the outer shape while not ignoring the real human body inside the plastic layer and presents the sense of unique and connection between two. The colours used on the plastic are not very bright, which, I think, suites the mysterious sense created.

Julien Palast


An assemble of colours, forms, shapes and shadows can be found in Julien Palast's works. The movements of the human figures are recorded in a similar way by covering the body with the thin and elastic layer, but the photos seem to focus more on the emotional side of the figure through presenting the details of the facial expressions and hyped up muscles.

The stretched plastic has also created an effect as the body is being encompassed that it is striving hard to get out.

Julien Palast has also focused on colour gradients, varying from orange to blue and magenta, which gives the image senses of life and rhythm and also emphasizes the contrast between light and dark.

Lori Goldstein


Lori Goldstein is a celebrated stylist in the fashion industry. She is known for collaborations and creative consulting with Vanity Fair, Vogue, Versace, Tiffany's, H&M, Gap and famous fashion photographers. Moreover, such celebrities as Demi Moore or Madonna have hired her.

However, whereas some argue that she is a contributor to commercial aesthetics, she has worked for over thirty years on establishing new ways of perceiving fashion and style. It can be argued that her imagination and innovative outlook have transformed styling into a valued art form. Goldstein has experimented with fashion styles in unexplored ways, and thus raised awareness about the art of styling.

Original mixing of colours and styles has not only made her famous, but also created new dimensions of fashion aesthetics. By using an artistic approach and sensibility, Goldstein has achieved to create a different perception of beauty and the art of fashioning, to influence popular culture and to leave a great legacy.

Steve Follen


Steve Follen is a maker and designer, who works with metal and draws.

As he said: "I am to produce evocative pieces, working mainly in steel. The surfaces result from exploring the making process, capturing the inherent qualities of the metal. Inspired by shapes, colours, textures and patterns within landscape, maps, personal collections of natural objects and museum artifacts, my work explores nation of the journey, time, growth and decay."

Steve Follen was also looking at the theme of elements and nature (e.g. Earth).

For example, he has made a collection of seedpods, from metal wires and I think this is a good 3D piece, which can give an inspiration for a jewelry design.

Georg Baselitz


Georg Baselitz was born in Germany.

He is a printmaker, sculptor, draughtsman and painter.

By making his artworks he wanted to symbolize sexual obsessions, human body and organs. He has worked with different figure types showing different emotions. He was representing people's feelings, by making figures look mythical and even cartoonish. By this, he was breaking common stereotypes about how different people should look like, depending their emotions.

He has worked with many different materials, like oils, inks, acrylic paints, crayons, but he has always sticked to the same topic - emotions.

Jackson Pollock


Jackson Pollock is a major figure in the Abstract expressionist movement. He is well known for his method of drip painting, when he basically just poured or dripped different paint on canvas, using different materials.

He was creating quite large and energetic abstract works. He also had his own signature drips.

This technique is actually quite random. Because when making it you can't predict the actual outcome, as you can not be sure what marks you will get.

This method became well known nowadays, as it is not difficult, but it is still the best way to show your emotions on paper. Because when looking at these artworks, I can actually feel the emotion artist was feeling at the time when he was making them. I think these are very strong pieces of work.

Keira Rathbone


Keira Rathbone is a British artist, who uses typewriters to make portraits from numbers, letters and other symbols. She has 30 old typewriters, which she uses to create her artworks. Keira Rathbone has her studio in London. She looks at different people in the streets, cafes and shops and then makes their portraits using her individual techniques. She uses hitting keys to make the shades, using lighter or darker colours.

This is something extraordinary in the world of art, as it is very inspiring and unusual how somebody can make something that beautiful with just a simple typewriter. She has interested me so much because it's something I can't do myself and that seems very difficult for me, but at the same time very interesting.

Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic is making great performances, as it seems easy for her to get naked in front of everybody, to hug with a skeleton or even risk her life for art's sake. I find her performances very strong, motivating and inspiring. She was the main and the only actor in her performances and sometimes she did very harmful things to herself, as taking drugs, cutting herself, laying in fire and many others. As for me, those seem very frightening as it means she was mad and she couldn't control herself, but at the same time it showed how she loved art and performance. Her performances were funny, dramatic but at the same time sad, as a happy person would never do anything like that. In one of them, she gave people 72 items, which they were supposed to use on her, like knife, scissors and even a gun. One of them would have killed her if the other guy wouldn't stop him, this showed how violent people could be.   

Daniel Berg



He was one of the first people in Russia, who decided to work as a fashion merchandiser and make shop windows and displays. His work are very impressive and he is designing for one of the biggest and most popular shopping centers in the world, called TSUM, which is situated in the heart of the Moscow city. To make these displays, Daniel Berg is usually using some really unique and unusual materials, such as neon lamps, car cables and plastic. He has decorated them in many different designs and concepts, as once he made a huge robots, holding mannequins, later he had an idea to make a show, where he put some massive cartoon creatures, animals and monsters. To make these, he was inspired by the artworks of Takashi Murakami, who was drawing different cartoon characters in the style of Anime.

Daniel Buren


Daniel Buren is a conceptual French artist, who is well known for decorating Louis Vuitton shop windows all over the world. To decorate them he is always using his favorite pattern - stripes and lines, he was also using a tartan pattern, which reminds of a famous Damier fabric. When making these window decorations Daniel Buren is playing with perspective, space and optical illusions. He is using a wide range of colour, especially the pastel ones, as it looks more unique and gives a feeling of a mystery.

He is a good example of how to show the actual beauty, trough the simplicity of shapes and colours. 

Matthew Plummer Fernandez


Matthew Plummer Fernandez was asked to create shop windows installations for Selfridges store in London. In this project he was using an analogy of the shop as plants, costumers as bees and shop windows - flowers. So the actual target was to attract the bees. He was inspired by the science of the attraction, as flowers have. The complex of fractal geometry is reacting and changing its breathing frequency depending on the daytime and people passing by.

I really like this idea of making something non-living alive. He has called this unusual shop window installation - Apifera. This is a botanical term, which is used to call the type of flowers specializing in attracting bees. I think this is a very inspirational piece of work, as it is something extraordinary and unusual in ordinary life.

Laura Laine


Laura Laine is an illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. The ordinary things, such as art, film, people and travelling, have always inspired her.

What she likes about being an illustrator is, that she can always experiment with fashion, by drawing it in her own vision and it will still be suitable and won't defer from the main theme. She used to study fashion design, but she didn't really enjoy the actual designing, what she liked was drawing and regarding fashion as an inspiration, changing the boundaries of traditional fashion through her drawings and making it more unusual. For her, fashion illustration was something that could go beyond real, where you could experiment and develop something new and extraordinary.

I think, Laura Laine, is a good example of the person, who has made a right choice with her career and who decided and understood what would be best for her to increase her talent. I think she is very competent and her illustrations are breathtaking, when looking at them, it gives a feeling of something mysterious and unexplainable, as they are really strong and inspirational.

Andrey Yokovlev and Lili Aleeva


Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva are two photographers, who are working together to create these unusual photo-shoots. Andrey Yakovlev is a fashion photographer, working in different magazines and making "fashion stories".

Lili Aleeva is and art director, stylist and is also working with make up. All these photographs are quite thematic. Style, story plot and editing are combined together on the photographs to make it even more interesting and exciting. Their works are not just simple photographs, but stories about fashion. They have also made a series of portrait photos, which are also very nice.

I was inspired by the use of colour and mystery in their works, which makes them different from the works of other fashion photographers.

Holly Fulton


Holly Fulton is a British artist, born in Edinburgh. She has always been very purposeful and met all her targets. She is very unusual and different from other designers, as she has always said that the real happiness is work. I really like the prints on the clothes she makes and her extraordinary jewelry. To make these prints she uses materials like plastic, leather, fish skin, and Swarovski crystals. For her collection for the Fashion East competition she has made dresses with the prints of New York sky scratchers and plastic mosaic, this collection seems very complex and the use of colour makes it even a stronger piece. I also really like the way she presents her jewelry and clothes.

The architectural forms, sharp lines and bright colours inspired her to make her collections. She is now well known all over the world and that?s because when she came to the Lanvin designer, she was wearing a massive green jewelry piece, which she made herself, it showed all her skills and it was really extraordinary, that?s the reason why he helped her to start her own fashion career. At the beginning she was working with him, but then she opened her own brand and it became quite famous. 

“In Orbit” by Tomas Saraceno


"In Orbit" is a huge installation made by Tomas Saraceno, in Germany. This was made in an idea of a net construction. Inside this construction visitors can move, apparently weightlessly. It is divided by three floors and made mainly out of glass and thick threads. It was actually made to see the emotions of the visitors and their shocked faces. "In Orbit" is Tomas's larges installation, which he has planned over the last three years together with architects, engineers and anarchnologists, experts in the area of spider webs and spiders. For the artist it was a new digital geography, where all the people were walking in the sky. The concept of this installation was to represent lightness and flow. It also shows the idea of the space-time continuum, a 3D spider web, the structure of the universe and different relationships between people inside the actual web.

I think this artwork is very strong and really interesting.

Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park


The whole structure is made out of the Plexiglas squares. And this is what gives so many coloures to the actual construction, as the light is being reflected and then refracted off these squares. She didn't use any colourful Plexi to make it and what we see is just an optical illusion, depending on the amount of light and the angle viewer is standing at. It is quite big and has a lot of space in a gallery, comparing to her last similar artwork, so this works looks even better and more impressive. The idea was to show how artificial and natural lights change when it's either a day time or a night time and depending on the viewer's viewing angle. It reflects the light and colour on the walls and ceiling.

I think this is a really interesting and unique concept for the installation, as it doesn't really depends on the method it is made with, but depends on an optical illusion, which you can't even control when making it.

Knit Me A Tile


Liu Yomggang


Liu Yomggang is a famous contemporary Chinese artist and sculptor. He combines the sole of Chinese and Western art, for which he takes Chinese words as the main resource and present them in an abstract way, and connect the mild gap between traditional and contemporary art. In his work we can see that many Chinese characters are being deconstructed and presented in a very modern way, without loosing it's own characteristics and is even given new connotation. For example, the sculpture was built with different sections of the word "love" in Chinese character and forms a sculpture that looks like people are hugging each other. The paintings are also created with different kind of strokes in Chinese writings, depending on its strength, width, radian and shade. These are all presented in a modern and novel way, which breaks the old rules and brings all these Chinese traditional quintessence such as character and patterns into the contemporary world.  

Jasper Johns "Flags"


Jasper Johns was an American painter, who has used already existing objects and shapes in making his works. Some of those were letters, numbers, maps and, of course, flags.

He has used an American flag to make his well-known artwork "Three Flags" in 1958. Jasper Johns has simplified and changed the actual shape of the object to make a repeating pattern. The main theme about his artwork is to show that it is not connected with his personality, but it is just about the whole world overall. By changing the pattern and the shape of an object, artist wanted to represent his feelings and emotions about it and show how to change a form, without changing the item completely.

Jonathan Adler


Jonathan Adler is the other designer I want to look at, he is usually working with ceramics, either with hand built, wheel thrown or slip-cast. They vary depending on the material, method that was used to shape them, the atmosphere and temperature they are made in. Ceramics can be used either as an artwork or as an object, where we can put something.

Jonathan Adler has made different collections, they all have a particular patterns and decorations on them and with a matte glaze on top, this makes the products look very nice and unique.

Electroluminescent Wire




Aerogel is a very rare material, which is a glass foam and it's one of the lightest materials. It looks more invisible than glass, even though it is less transparent. Its azure colour, but not because of pigmentation, but it's like this because of the same phenomenon that makes the sky blue. I think this is very interesting and unique.

Iridescent Sheet with Oily Film


This material is very interesting due to it's feature to changes colours when you move it or look from different angles. It is made out of thin and multiple layers of plastic, It work because of the reflections through layers, which changes the spectrum of colours. It is quite light and transparent.

Fashion Judgment


"Fashion Judgment" is a Russian television program, which helps people choose the right clothes for them, there is a fashion court which makes decisions, first a person gets a chance to choose the clothes himself and then they decide wether it looks good or not, if not they help him choose different outfits themselves. It is actually quite interesting and inspiring because it gives an idea how to dress up nicely and combine the colours together.

Sex and the City


"Sex and the City" is also one of my favorite films, which shows the perfect style on four main characters, it also gives a lot of hints on how to dress up and act. Personally, I think, the outfits in the film are very inspiring and unreally beautiful and stylish. This film is called a "Fashion Bible" because of the huge amount of designer clothes and the way they combine accessorize with clothes and shoes.

TED Talks: Marian Bantjes: Intricates Beauty By Design


Marian Bantjes works in Graphic Design area. She explains the way she works only in this specific area and becomes quite popular, as she is designing special Valentines, magazine covers, books and ornamental graphics. Her work looks very detailed and has an interesting context, personally, I think that she is very talented, because you need a lot of strength and self control to do such an impressive artworks.

TED Talkes: Yves Behar: Designing Objects That Tell Stories


Yves Behar is designing new century technologies, which not only look attractive, but are also very useful, his concept is to design the objects on the inside out. It touches the user in many ways because it is something completely new, something that we haven't see before. Branding and ideas are deeply connected in his works, he wants to connect technology together with education. For him it is important for the process not to destroy the actual idea. What I really like about his designs is that he is bringing intellectual property, approach and values to create a soul for companies he works with. I also like the way he mixes the colors to make it look even more attractive.

TED Talkes: Rob Forbes: Ways Of Seeing


Rob Forbes is the founder of Design Within Reach movement, that, basically represents his way of seeing things in a different way through the snapshots he is making. In this video he is trying to show the world around us in his own way of seeing it. He is taking an inspiration from the urban areas, found objects and stuff that contains important messages. What is really impressive is that he is taking more that 5000 photographs per year and they all look quite unique.

TED Talkes: Lucy McRae: How Can Technology Transform The Human Body?


Lucy McRae is a body architect. Through her work she tries to collaborate technology and biology together in our body. Her clothes create the body insides and worked in a collaboration with a pop-star Robyn to make her music video. But what I found the most interesting and unusual is that together with a biologist she has created a pill with a perfume, so after you swallow it it makes your sweat smell of that perfume. I like her work because it differ from the usual artworks and this is what actually makes her that unusual. I found her works really inspirational and also her way of collaboration with so many different people.

TED Talkes: Suzanne Lee: Grow Your Own Clothes


Suzanne Lee is a fashion designer, she is creating a garment without using fabric, but just by using a simple green tea, sugar and microbes. This material can be used as a vegetable leather or a fabric. In this video she is showing and telling about her method of doing it, which doesn't seem very hard, even though the outcome is stunning. Because the bacteria is feeding on a sugar nutrients in the liquid it is sticks together and forms layers, so afterward you get a sheet on a surface, so you now have to get rid of the external water. She is also making patterns, using organic fruits and vegetables. What I like about her work is that it's organic and it actually looks like skin, what is quite intriguing. However, the bad thing about it is, that it is not ideal for everyday wear because it is water-resistant. Her concept is to produce something that gives quantity,quality and shape of the material that people really desire. As she says, it is also smart and sustainable addition to our natural resources.



Atlantis is the largest UK shop providing art supplies. They have a huge range of oil, as well as other drawing materials to suit everyone. They have a huge range of materials and products not only for drawing, but form making installations as well, which is very suitable for mya future career.

Cass Art


Cass Art shop is a nice and pleasant place to buy art materials because they have a very friendly atmosphere here and a lot of useful materials for all ages.



"ELLE" is quite an interesting magazine which tells about fashion, celebrities, home decorations, beauty, relationships and even has a kinds section. I like the way they write about all this, so it is easy to read and I also like the photoshoots they make for the cover.

Dazed & Confused


"Dazed & Confused" is a very famous magazine and it is famous because of it's unusual and different from others style. All the fashion designers wants to have their collection in it. It is very inspiring because there re lots of articles about art and fashion, culture and music. I like the actual composition and it's design, which looks exceptional and surprising. 



"InstaMam" is a magazine that gathered photographs from Instagram, showing mothers and their children in a very cute and inspiring photographs. I think an idea of this magazine is really amazing and extraordinary, as it gives a chance to see how other people live and what relationships they have between each other and make your own life better!


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